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Thanks again, where in NY do you fly? I grew up in Brooklyn, NY but now call NJ my second home.


I wish my garage was as neat as your's now is, my garage and dining room are overun with plane related items.

Hope everyone enjoyed thier Turkey Day, I didn't get much done except for closing up the top of the F35. My templates were a little oversized and needed to be trimmed (no big deal).

My AUW as measured by my trusty digital scale is 10.5oz. With the top open and the thrust/efflux cone attached, I measured 10.2oz of static thrust. Sealing the top and measuring thrust in the same manner, I see 9.5oz of static thrust (we don't need no stinking cheater holes! ). This should be more than enough to get/stay airborn, I'm still trying to determine a good conservative CG point and initial control throws.

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