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1. I got a 2.8:1 gearbox for my Graupner Speed 600 motor. The instructions say that the distance from the front motor casing to the top of the pinion needs to be 12mm. This means cutting the shaft. Any advice on how/what to cut that shaft with?
Dremel. Otherwise, a hacksaw and file will do in a pinch.
2. The pinion I received with the gearbox was a 'press fit' pinion. I tried installing in on the shaft with a small rubber hammer. Long story short.. after a lot of 'tapping' I ended up pushing the back of the motor out of the casing. I managed to re-assemble the motor but I worry that I have somehow damaged it now. Any thoughts on this?
Support the back end of the motor shaft and tap it on with a brass hammer. If you have access to a drill press, you could use that in place of a bearing press again supporting the back end of the shaft. I doubt you've done much, if any, damage. Check for any fore and aft movement in the armature and correct it if there is.
3. HOW does one get a pinion on to the shaft? Is there a special tool to buy?
See answer in #2.

Hope this helps!

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