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>We haven't used the zip starts that Bruce describes for a couple of years due to the

emergence of disk >launch and the difficulty of achieving reasonable equivalence between a
zip start and disk launch. To match >a good disk launch, you almost need an upstart which
is so long .....

If the HLG can take a hard hand launch, it should be able to take
a hard (relatively) catapult launch.
The answer may be to use a stronger rubber (like my 2m Comp. or 3m.)
in a short 10' catapult with an internal limiter.
I use spectra in my military bungees, but mono or braided
would probably be fine for HLG.
The catapult launch would make it necessary to install a second hook (tape on)
about 1" forward of a normal hook position. This keeps the nose down and
allows the plane to accelerate rather than climb like a kite.

Mark Mech

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