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Bladerunner Diet Via The Posted Mods...

Good questions Mitch... (see last post on first itc bladerunner thread)

I've use my IR temp gun pretty sucessfully on my other e-helis. On small motors I've used black magic marker to dull up the finish. BUT I honestly don't see much difference. Maybe my motors are not that shinny?

ALSO, I flew my modified BR today in the big dead air warehouse today. YES, while the thing has way more ZIP and power all around with the shed weigh loss...I actually wish I had not clipped the tail motor ring off. In dead air my mainrotors were clicking at times when I flew forwards. Not faster than walking speed but I definalty heard clashing. And I could see the tilt. Not so yesterday when it was more portly and had the ring. IMO, if you decided to keep the body on the weight could use the ring cut off the tail prop. BUT if you remove the body and shed the weight, personally I'd keep the ring on it. I found myself cycling the tail motor on and off more than before. Seems before it had good forward/backward movement and it was less a hastle to maintain a heading and forward flight. Maybe this is only felt and seen when you have a large area and can get the BR moving vs. a small room when speed is much slower. ??? Just my opinion... Also, I did add the 10mm shim to raise the top rotor. Hate to think of the clashing I would have got if it was left in the stock position.

Anyway, by touch the motors are cooler in temp after 5 mins of constant flying around. Tonight I will temp gun it. I also have some temperature sensative tape that is very accurate. Different heat ranges...just stick it on the area to monitor and let it change color.

BTW, the BR's CG is will sit in a 3 foot hover almost indefinately. <G> Love this thing!

Best regards,

Ron Osinski
aka - GMRO
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