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The human factor...

I spend a lot of time at Dave's shop and the beauty is, I get to see all of the 'skunkworks' in action. Fan Trainer, WeMoTec F-16, F-18, C-130, U-2, X1, and the WB-57. Kitting a plane is quite a dauting task, especially when you depend on outside suppliers for you components. I myself, took on the project of completing the documentation of the WB-57 when others let him down. I've built kits since I was a kid and thought I'd have this kocked out in no time. But there are always issues; work turns into 12 hour days, the girlfriend wants more attention, and photo documenting the construction can be quite a challange. Then there are issues with components from outside vendors; wing panels that aren't quite right, laser cut parts a hair off, etc. And you know what kind of ezone post issues like these generate.

It's quite amazing, if you follow some of the threads and comments here, that anyone would want to be in this business. A long time ago, I worked in a retail speed shop for 7 years and the hardest part of the job could be the customers. The difference with Dave, is he will tell you what's on his mind - the same thing you and everyone else is thinking, but won't always say. He's human too, and I really see no reason for him to take the abuse.

Just hang tight guys, and we'll get these kits to ya asap.


Enclosed is a shot of the 'studio' and WB-57, which unfortunately would not fit in my workshop (who needs a dining room anyway?) I'm lucky enough to have a Kodak Professional DCS 35mm SLR Digital camera, lights, and the technical writing experience and hope to have this done soon. Of course I've been saying that about my income taxes too!
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