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Originally Posted by LcJ
Even an ignorant redneck believer such as myself can look at a race track and see which way the cars are going. To see such, one just has to look.LcJ
But perhaps ET's point is, how is it that you can determine that it is *not* God's plan to permit our society to move in its current fashion?

Perhaps the plan *is* to move in the direction of a self-supporting, self-directed humankind but that He wants to see how long and in what fashion it takes us to get there. Plant a few messiah's and old books around to muddle things up for a bit of fun (Keep 'em guessing, after all!) and watch and wait.

The potential answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is 42 and we humans are just an experiment in some other being's quest for knowledge. All you followers of God, Jesus and the Bible *might* be right, but then again you *might* be wrong and will suffer in hellfire for all eternity for meddling with "the plan".
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