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The AeroSonde (first two pictures) is:
  • 118cm wingspan
  • 22cm wing chord
  • 76cm length
  • 550g-600g weight
  • powered by GWS EDP400 (Mabuchi 370, 6x3 prop). Can fly with 5x3 prop too
  • 200g 9,6V NiMh battery pack (I have Panasonic 1100mAh and Saft 1400mAh)
  • The 15 degree polyedral wing is very stable and easy to control even on stall speed
  • The 100 degree inverted V tail has good handling as elevator and rudder.
This is very easy to build and to fly, can make tight turns and has a good soaring and can do level flight with with half power

The construction plan is in Since I has no CAD software, the plan was made with paintbrush, with a 1mm/pixel resolution.

The Wplane (last picture) is:
  • 120cm wing span
  • 24cm wing chord
  • 70cm lenght
  • 500g weight
  • powered by the same motor and battery of Aerosonde
  • 120 degree inverted V tail
This is a parking lot flying wing, because is very easy to fly in small places.

The plans are in

Both plans are in portuguese, but since the most of words are measurements and equipment specification, they are very easy to understand.

I am a newbie both on RCgroups and on flight. I learned to fly alone, so both models are built to be very easy to fly, hard to break and keep the motor, propeller, engine, servo and electronics safe in crashs. I never broke a prop with these models, even after crashing a electric pole or the ground.
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