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The bush supporters claim to believe that there is indeed a 'war'.

The majority of Kerry supporters take the more rational view.

But I don't know if you are familiar with the American usage of the word 'war'.

We have an ongoing 'war on drugs', (the socio-recreational kind, of course) for example. And we long ago surrendered to the enemy in Lyndon Johnson's 'war on poverty'.

I would suspect that Americans use the word in a much less discriminating manner than speakers of English in other countries.

I can point out an experience I had a few weeks ago...I was honored to be a guest at a reunion of WW2 veterans...a discussion of dubya's 'war on terra' came up. You should have seen those old guys tear bush a new one. Having lived through a REAL war and made the unimaginable sacrifices all true wars demand of the citizenry, they were absolutely enraged at bush, his policies, and most of all, his claims of being 'at war'.

I love those WW2 vets.
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