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It's not the ajendas of Dems vs Reps that trouble me at all. I thought Rep. Regan and Dem. Clinton were both great (not so sure about Bush Snr). Regards Bush Jnr. I'm just fatigued by the constant threat to personal security and that of my family that comes from a US president that has a bias for pre-empting war (and dragging us into it) and aparently not the first instinct or ability in the field of diplomacy with either friend or foe. "Walk softly and carry a big stick" requires an individual with a grasp of both concepts, Kerry is the sole canditate who offers both of these traits. By contrast Bush has shown himself fully polarised towards the stick with an unparalleld lack of presidential statesmanship (before and after 911) making friends uncomfortable, neutrals incensed and doubtless making enemies feel fully justified in their murderous intent. As a member of a friendly nation I am genuinely concerned by this, even at a distance. I sure as hell don't buy the argument that I or anyone else is safer with him around and at risk of offending those opposed to the idea, I will breathe a huge sigh of relief to see him go.
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