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Originally Posted by easytiger
So typical. "We don't give a crap what you or anybody else thinks!"
So facile, so short-sighted, so deadly. So ARROGANT coming from 250 million people surrounded by 6 billion others. People like him make me ashamed. And I have never before in my life felt shame at being an american. I want to be proud again, I want to be on the right side.
There should not be this huge debate as to whetehr we are right or wrong. We should be right.
You know, I figured maybe I should removed you from my ignore list just to see what you are saying.. and I think I made a mistake.

First, I want to thank you for taking my words and working them into something different. One of the reasons you made it to the list to start with. Good to see not much has changed.

If you want to be on the 'right side'... go ahead. From what I gather around here the 'right side' is Europe... so feel free.

I truely can't comprehend how you can be so upset. We constantly have people from other nations commenting on America. And yes, it is a big world full of lots of people. But so what? I don't dabble in their business, and while they are free to have their opinions, I don't think they should matter in terms of what America does. If we did that why not just throw away our constitution and join the EU? We're holding onto that founding document by a thread as it is, when we have people like Sandra Day Oconner saying that our law should be more in tune with international law. Hell, what's the point of being a sovergn country with an attitude like that?

We aren't perfect, nor is any other country out there. Life goes on, love us or hate us, we go on.

If you feel ashamed of any American, than that's you, not them. We have loads of people, with loads of different views. I don't agree with many, and think many do foolish things, but the last thing that would enter my heart is the feeling of being ashamed of them. They are fellow Americans either way, and one day they may come to see the light. There is always hope.

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