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Originally Posted by FlightPower
I can't coment on the details. What I want to say is this: It is a matter of amazement to me how any rational American citizen could possibly want another 4 years like the past 3.5 or want to have anything further to do with the gentleman who presided over it. Let's face it we would probably be cruising for a war in the far East (on even poorer intelingence than we had on Iraq) as well as an escallation in the Middle East to Syria, Iran and even Saudi and that's not a far cry from world war. Who could say this is an improbable outcome of another 4 years of the Bush crusade. The Bush campaign spin offers you the carrot of "safety for you and your family" - like come on! Please wake up and smell the coffee. It is so important for all of us in the US or otherwise that this whole mind-set is brought to a full stop. It's time for a fresh start, please.
Thanks for your comments. But personally I believe you can keep your 'fresh start' to yourself and your country.
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