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Originally Posted by Highflight
I would doubt that you ever "leaned" Republican, because if you had, you would better understand the big picture and what's at stake and there's no way in the world you would even consider Kerry with his voting record in the Senate.

I don't care that you're a Democrat, just be honest about it.

Thanks Highflight, it is nice of you to insinuate that I am not honest. I am a registered independent who has voted for republicans in state and local elections. I did not vote for Bush ("W") and I did vote for Clinton both times. I like to vote for the man, not the party. If John Mcain had been running, I would have suported him over Kerry, but the Repbulican party is really good at putting up duds (like "W").

Originally Posted by Arbo
I think Kerry is Scary. So I guess when I head out to the Blue Mesa to fly, we'll just have to talk about planes.


Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You should come up one of these days, I would be glad to show you the site. I promise not to launch into any anti Bush rants

One thing is for sure, Bush's presidency has sure divided the country. If you support Bush, you can't stand Kerry and vice versa. This was my first posting in a political thread and probabally the last, arguing is getting old, I think I am going to go fly some planes before the snow comes!
FYI- I own several guns, am a member of the NRA, and will be voting for Kerry. Rock on guys and play nice
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