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Originally Posted by Highflight
Well, what else am I to surmise when Democrats overwhelmingly support candidates like John Kerry who would make ALL weapons that "look" like a military weapon obsolete? He has also said he would outlaw semi-auto shotguns. He also says that guns should only be used for "hunting" only.

Since you seem to own some of the kind of weapons Kerry wants to ban, is there not some hypocrisy going on here?

YOU are the one who bought into the lie. "Vote for us, or Kerry will TAKE YOUR GUNS!"
He never said such a thing.
I don't know where he said he would outlaw semi-auto shotguns, but it would not really bother me. That's a weapon that has no purpose but to kill people, and it's not even a military-style weapon. Good luck on a battlefield with your semi-auto shotgun!
You are buying into propaganda. Here, on one side, we have a guy who owns guns and hunts, and actually has used guns in combat to kill people.
Here, on the other side, we have another guy...who owns ONE gun. A pistol taken from Saddam Hussein. And who are you going to vote for?
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