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Originally Posted by Otto Dieffenbach View Post
Hi all. I've been playing with different features on Flyguy and exploring hover capability. Out of these efforts I have found a configuration that really gets Flyguy to perform the full compliment of aerobatic maneuvers.

This is a platform for an advanced flyer and is more complicated to build and fly. Beginners and intermediate flyers should still stay with the Flyguy Version 2.

What I don't like are the two exposed props of the two motors. I have always liked the added safety of the prop enclosed in the body, especially because Flyguy is such a kid magnet.

The two motors have differential thrust tied to the rudder stick which can generate significant yaw allowing hammerheads, 4 pt and slow rolls.

There are only two horizontal plates; the chest plate and main body plate. The main body plate is a combination of the old arm plate and the center body plate.

The body is 16 inches wide at the main body plate and 12 inches wide at the chest plate. The feet are hinged at 18.5 inches from the tip and not canted as on other Flyguys. The sides are still angled at about 15 degrees. A foam mannequin head is used up front and houses the batteries.

The two motors are HK 2200 kv with 45amp ESCs and two 3s2200mah batteries. Servos are Hitec HS-225MG.
Please otto.
can see a picture of your feet flyguy last (the one with two engines)
now my flyguy62 flies very well, but a fair bit with my motors to the figures.
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