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Build Log
Mini Crow 3D Printed Mini H Frame / Quad

Mini Crow Mock Up And Build

Mini Crow 3D Printed Mini H Quad for FPV

BIG THANKS to Julian aka JJMelo!


Now - Lets get to the mock-up/build -

The OE frame setup weighs 73 grams.
With my mod, the weight is 100 grams.

The OE frame has the arms sandwiched between the lower and center plates,
and bolted directly to the two.. This is fine, but, I wanted to have a bit more room.

The OE frame has the ESCs mounted on the arms..
I'm hoping to mount the PDB and ESCs in the new lower/dirty section -
[This will depend on configuration, positioning, and size of the components]
[I also have an LED harness that I would like to try to fit in there. We'll see.]

To do the mod, I used [12] 10mm standoffs - 3 per arm,
and mounted them between the top of the arms and the center plate..

The rest of the [upper] frame assembly is pretty straight forward..
The OE setup uses [4] 31mm standoffs 1 on each corner of the center/top plate..
I added [4] more standoffs.. 1 on each end/side..
I figured that this would help the overall rigidity of the frame..

The plates are 3mm in thickness - The arms are 5mm in thickness..
The frame is now super-solid.. Probably over-kill, but, go big or go home.

The material is PVC, so the arms have a bit of 'flex' . . .
This is probably a good thing in the event of a crash . . .

Speaking of the arms . . .
Julian was nice enough to custom print mine for me..
I'll be using RCX/ZMR 1804 - 2400kv motors,
and the hole-pattern and hole-diameter have to be dead-on..
This is sort of a pain, but Julian nailed it!
Now I just need to find some longer screws -
The motor screws are M2 X 4m
The arm thickness is 5mm, so I'm thinking M2x7mm should be perfect..
2mm of thread going up into the motor base should be plenty -

More about the arms . . .
My previous frame had 1.5ishmm arm thickness..
To make them stronger, I customized some cf 'braces',
and mounted them to the tops of the arms..
They really stiffened them up.. a LOT..
I 'might' end up doing this same mod to the Mini Crow arms,
but I'm still in the daydreaming stage - Nothing's set in stone -

Well, I think that's pretty much it for now..
I do have one more thing to show, but,
I'll save that for the next post.. It's funny..

Sam -
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