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What would make a great lighting system?

I've been approached to design a modular lighting system for R/C vehicles and wanted to do some market research as I begin the design process.

Here are some questions to consider (for those who are interested in buying such a system and not building it themselves):

1. How important is weight to you? Would it be a good idea to offer several different sytems, ie. "featherweight" for indoor flyers, "lightweight" for parkflyers, and a standard large-scale plane-type system?

2. Would it be a good idea to offer light colors other than the standard white, green, and red? With LEDs (the most likely source of light in this system) there are other colors available such as blue, blue-green, yellow, orange, and ultraviolet.

3. There are two primary ways to power a lighting system. One is directly off the receiver, using either a dedicated channel or tapping off a used channel. The other way is to tap off the battery and use a voltage regulator (a small integrated circuit) to create a constant voltage power source. Do you have any strong feelings about one or the other? What would be your choice?

4. Regarding a control system, what would you like your lights to do? Systems out there today usually offer 2 choices, blink or constant. Is the ability to program the controller of value, or would it be better if half the plugs flashed and half were steady? What if you could control each led independently, perhaps controlling the duration of the flash (ie, strobe), the number of flashes, etc? How about the ability to tie into another channel as a control, such as turning on landing lights when your throttle channel goes below a certain point? Is this a feature you'd pay extra for?

5. How many lights would you want to be able to control with the system? Would you be interested in a modular system that, say, could handle 4 LEDs per module, and you could add on up to 4 more modules?

6. What would you be willing to pay for a system assuming it had all the features you wanted and was easy to use?

I realize I'm asking for a lot of information, but any and all feedback will help me create a better product. If you'd like to share your feedback, please reply to this thread. If you'd like your response to be kept private, please PM me.


-Jeff Swayze
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