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Originally Posted by Soma View Post

I do believe [the Sunnysky X2204S 2300KV] is being under utilised in the majority of applications using 5 inch props, and I hope these figures will encourage growth in frames designed for 6 inch props, (Particularly the HQ Prop 6x3 on 3S), to fully take advantage of the power we now have at our disposal.

Matching motor and prop is necessary to get every ounce of performance from the system, and it is a highly dynamic equation. I believe the perfect balance with the SS X2204S 2300KV on 3S is the HQ Prop 6x3 for all-round & heavier applications (such as mini FPV), and the FC 6x4.5 prop for lightweight acro frames.
Brilliant work, Soma! Absolutely brilliant.

Thank you for all the time, money, and personal effort you are putting into this, and the Warpquad!

Solid testing setup to produce reliably comparable data. Good consistent testing procedure. Extensive selection of props. I appreciate you including 3-bladed props, even though I would never fly with them again after realizing how much better 2-bladed props work in real life. Excellent collection of data (incl. video) and super-clean presentation in JPG table that allows consistent viewing.

Love the clean macro shot of the 2204, too! While the 2204 2300KV now has good circulation and availability, decent product photos have been impossible to come by.

Once again, kudos, Soma! <Deep bow in front of my mini-quad guru.>
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