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Sunnysky X2204 2300KV Thrust Test - 2S + 3S

Sunnysky X2204 2300KV

A decent mini motor has been a long time coming! Good thing it was worth the wait! The Sunnysky X2204S 2300KV has become an instant hit in the mini multirotor world, and with good reason, it is the perfect balance of performance and price.

I do believe it is being under utilised in the majority of applications using 5 inch props, and I hope these figures will encourage growth in frames designed for 6 inch props, (Particularly the HQ Prop 6x3 on 3S), to fully take advantage of the power we now have at our disposal.

Matching motor and prop is necessary to get every ounce of performance from the system, and it is a highly dynamic equation. I believe the perfect balance with the SS X2204S 2300KV on 3S is the HQ Prop 6x3 for all-round & heavier applications (such as mini FPV), and the FC 6x4.5 prop for lightweight acro frames.

3S Tests and Figures...

Sunnysky X2204S 2300KV Thrust Test - 3S (2 min 17 sec)

2S Tests and Figures...

Sunnysky X2204S 2300KV Thrust Test - 2S (2 min 22 sec)

Random Notes...
- HQ 6x3 is producing more thrust, on less amps and travelling faster than the other 3" pitch props. Plus it is still maintaining a constant WOT RPM.
- In the 2S test it can be seen the FC 6x4.5 sits well between the 6x3 and 7x4 props
- The 4.5" pitch gives a comparable thrust plus a higher speed.
- Can't just compare Thrust, Amps and Efficiency, also need to consider Pitch Speed. At times the 4.5 pitch props seem less efficient, but they are travelling much faster.

General Notes...

I am testing with fully charged lipos as it is just the easiest way for me to get a constant voltage between tests. I use the biggest packs I have and four in parallel (most of the time) for consistency. I would prefer to test at the nominal voltages, or actually both. The most useful comparison here is the relative comparison between props given the same conditions.

It also gives an absolute maximum which I think is useful in its own right, even though a single lipo will not sustain that same voltage. I do think though, keeping a motor static on a bench introduces its own testing inaccuracy that is not present in flight. Once the props are free to move, it should allow a single lipo to maintain a better voltage than it could on a bench.

The 50% position is just eyeballed on my TX, but I have tested the repeatable accuracy to between 1500-1512us in the MW GUI. Not exact, but close as I can atm

Using 70% of free RPM point (on the bench), as a gauge of motor / prop combination seems to work well in practice. This runs a motor too hot on the bench but, by mine and other's empirical flight reports, seems to be the best combination in flight.

For the props that load the motor too much on the bench you can see and hear thrust and RPM drop off immediately after full throttle is reached. I only leave these tests at WOT for a very short amount of time so to not burn out the motor.

In Practice...

For an idea on how this is working in practice, here are the results for the FC 6x4.5 on 3S.
710g Thrust
2.86 G/W eff
17,100 RPM
68% of Free RPM
117 km/h

At over 20 amps and 250 Watts from a 20g motor (12.5 W/g = 4x the 3g/W rule of thumb)... This looks like an unattainable combination. But on a lightweight quadcopter, with another 3 motors all lifting twice the AUW each, the motor unloads in flight when freely moving through the air.

Here is that combination producing a peak of 719 grams of thrust...

And here in flight with the 6x4.5's on 3S, 300g AUW acro quad.
No free rides here, all components are working to their limit

Soma Warpquad (2 min 46 sec)

HQ Prop 6x3 Flight test.

HQ Prop 6x3's on the warpquad. Slightly less speed from the lower pitch, but heaps of traction and bite, which should suit heavier FPV quads perfectly.

You can hear the motors have more power in reserve with the 6x3 on this lightweight quad, and that reserve should go to good use carrying FPV gear and still remain agile...

Not the best vid... or flying Its a bit hard to see the quad (try HD & fullscreen on Vimeo) but the sound is very revealing of just how quick the quad responds with these props.

HQ Prop 6x3 on Warpquad (3 min 55 sec)

2014-04-30 Edit... New HQ Props...

Bench test of the new HQ Props. Sunnysky 2204 2300KV on 3S.

Both the 5x4 and 6x4.5 are absolutely fantastic props. Much more rigid than the competition, better made, smoother running, and more powerful...

The 6x4.5 is a clear favourite of mine, an absolute powerhouse of a prop! It hit a peak of 765 grams of thrust compared to about 500 grams max from the 5" props. See pic below.

I highly recommend the 6x4.5 for the most powerful mini FPV ships. It is rigid, smooth and 50% more powerful than the best 5" props. This is a huge plus for a sport copter when carrying FPV equipment.

They run the 2204 2300's to the limit on 3S and you need to ensure your system is capable. One setup I fully intend to try is the 6x4.5's + Tiger MT2206 2000KV motors + KISS 18A ESCs on 4S

Well done again HQ Prop!!!

Sunnysky X2204S 2300KV 3S Test 02 New Props (3 min 3 sec)

HQ Prop 6x4.5 peak output...

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