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Hey Dav.

I didn't post, but now will let you know what I found. The little arm that opens and closes the carb was loose...or more specifically the linkage that bolts to th arm that opens and closes carb was loose. So it would go to WOT, but sometimes not return...hence hi RPM! Tightened it up and everythig is good. I go about tightening all the little screws and bolts now. That was loose, one shock tower bolt was loose. One steering knuckle bolt. Even had a wheel come off. I understand these little motors vibrate like crazy...real hi frequency too. No wonder so many nuts and bolts and screw back themselves out. Not to mention how much the whole thing shakes whilst blasting across my acorn and walnut riddled yard.

Thanks for your help. It idles great now and hardly ever dies. If it flips and I don't get to it uick to put it back onto it's wheels, it'll die and be hard to start...but that's to be expected I would guess with air in the lines and all.

Picking up two diffrencial gears tomorrow...heavey duty styel. Stipped one out in the rear, so after replacement, I'll have a spare for the front when that goes.

I could probably tune it to run a bit leaner, hence faster. But it's plenty powerfull as is. Rather have it run rich and miss a little top speed than run lean and burn up.


ANy other advice?...other than clean the air filter foam often.

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