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Coo Head, it sounds like you bought your HPI new, if so then you should have the manual for it. I have never had an HPI, but I do have a T-Maxx and another truck and both the manuals for these give you the default settings for the HSN, the LSN and they describe how to set the idle screw as well. So I would suggest you look for those settings and put it back to stock, then tune from there.

If you set it back to stock and still have the idle problems you can check to be sure your carb is not loose and sucking air. I actually had that problem and I removed the carb, put the tiniest amount of hi-temp silicon around the throat and reinstalled it.

Also, you want to try to stick with one type of fuel, it makes tuning much easier because different fuels require different needle settings. Also keep in mind that the ambient temp and humidity can affect your setting also, so you may have to tweak your HSN sometimes to get it running perfect. However, once you get the LSN right you can usually leave it alone.

One other note, the idle screw is usually turned CCW to lower the idle speed and CW to raise it. You need to set the idle so that the truck does not try to move forward while it is idling, but does not cut off when you hit the brakes or come to a stop.

I hope this helps. I am no expert by any means, but I have learned through my own and others trial and error. These little engines can be finicky at times and you just have to tweak them until you learn where to stop.
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