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Plane Crazy,

Well, I've actually built a JHH kit or 2 and there wasn't c grain balsa anywhere in the kits. All of the fuse bulkheads were all light ply and there weren't an unnecessary amount of bulkheads either; just what was required. By the way, there are no bulkheads in their sabre. You might be able to lighten up their kits a little, but not much. They are well engineered and build light for their size. The biggest thing you could do to lighten up the airplane is to build a kit that has a built up wing (like the cougar).

"The lighter the plane.... The faster it will go" ---As an aerospace engineer, I'm sorry, but I can't agree with your comment. You will get a better thrust to weight ratio with a lighter airplane which will give you better vertical performance, truly make the airplane go faster, one has to minimize the drag of the airplane or increase thrust or both. Also, there is a happy medium between weight and forward penetration of the airplane. An airplane will penetrate better with a little bit more weight...until it reaches a point of dominishing return, then the airplane just becomes underpowered.
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