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A bit frustrated.

It would often die after WOT and sut off. So I started messing with the three screws. Big one on top is for main mixing I take it. Ran good and fast and good response as was so did not mess with that one.
Little screw under air cleaner is for idle. Flush one on side is for slow speed. Messed with those two and now the thing is all screwed up. SOmetimes it starts and goes to WOT...even higher RPM than WOT...I mean screaming. Tweak the throttle a bit and it settles down. Seems to be getting to kuch air or something.
Then I can run it around, but when the throttle is in nuetral position, the car still races. Turn back the Tx trim and it'll die.

So, a couple questions. Is "Idle" considerd with brake depressed and "slow speed" is considered when no finger is on the throttle trigger?

I went thru the first quart of RC "break in gas". That is one of the other diffrences...I now swipped some gas from my neighbors TMaxx. Would a diffrent gas make a big diffrence?

Kinda seems like it's sucking air from somewhere and running way to lean and screaming.

Never had these frustrations with electric planes.

Is there a thread that gives some advice and ideas on tuning the three little screws?

Thanks for any help.

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