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Originally Posted by constantcrash
The wings fit very snug in the EZ* initially and you'll be flying for quite some time before there will be any need for the magnets. Most of the EZ* pilots NEVER use them at all. You'll know when the wings eventually get loose enough that you might want to install the magnets. Don't worry, the wings won't just fall out of the plane while you are flying.
I thought I would make a comment here for the Elapor soup recipe. As my wing would get loose from many, many flights, I would get out the old canner and boil me some water. A little cooking of the wing "joins" makes for a like new tight fit. I have included below a before and after photo of the wing "joins". BTW: I did not need to 'saw' off my spar. I simply joined the wings together and shoved till the two wings joined tight. This caused the spar to seat tightly.

Elapor Soup Recipe:
Obtain a large round and deep pot for water
Fill as full as possible with hot water. (why heat cold water)
Fill enough to not have overflow when cooking EZ.
Do not add seasoning. (EZ is already pre-seasoned especially if it is flown a lot. Get it, it is a seasoned plane. Oh I'm killing myself here)
After water is boiling, hold part of EZ to be cooked in Boiling Water for a few seconds.
Slowly pull EZ (part) out slowly.
As cooling begins, goose bumps will appear. Simply rub a tablespoon over the bumps to flatten them out.

Pictures below.

Before Elapor Soup
After Elapor Soup (notice the goose bumps)
The canner for cooking Elapor Soup.

Happy cooking
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