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FMA direct co-pilot for hornet?

i have just found about the FMA co-pilot system that can save you from a crash. i just have a couple of questions about it first before i even considering getting it.

first of all, can it work with the hornet? i heard that they work on some kinda of temperature reading. that dosent sound too realiable to me because temperature of anything is always changing. it would give it false readings all the time.

second, what does CCPM stand for? people say that you need a non-CCPM setup to use it. is the hornet a non-CCPM setup?

third, do you need some kinda special radio with all the bells and whistles to use it? will it work with a normal computer 4 channel radio? I use a JR XF421 radio.

do you need to make any kind of special modifications to your helicopter to use it?

do they really work?

it would be nice to have a divice like this to help me with my learning to fly my hornet. you wouldent have to worry about any crashes any more would you? heres the link if you need any info
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