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There's one down around Virginia Beach that's being tinkered with for a couple of years. I saw it at the NC Triad weekend last year, but it didn't fly. Astro 15Gs, standard boxes, around 24 cells. Understand it has flown but don't have any details.

I've got the plans at home somewhere, looked at it myself. There is a collosal amount of wood in there, and aren't sure how it stacks up to 'scale' though the photos look good enough for most folk. The nacelles especially are massively overbuilt to take the infernal consumption lumps, for one.

For an electric, you'd either have to live with the weight or do a major lightening job on it. The cockpit area is one of several plastic mouldings, would allow you to have a nicely placed access hatch to get at the pack for cooling / recharging.

The nacelle - fuselage distance dictates prop size to around 10", so you wouldn't gain much from using real big motors anyway. I believe I was looking at 2 Astro 035G or 05G running 9 or ten cells each. Keep the retracts, lose the flaps to save weight, it has enough wing area to be fairly slow.

Mine died on lack of a decent hard runway for the retracts. Unless you're a model engineer, you're really down to the ones sold for the model and they would need a nice flying surface.

GP sell their plans and parts like the mouldings, and you could build one off the plans. Much of the kit would end up as templates anyway, unless you really like heavy models .


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