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Ooo Noooo Crrrraaappppp!!!!!!!

my next step on my 1/4 super cub was to glue a paper tube and a fiberglass tube in to the middle of the fuse to hold the wing jointer tubes(both metal) in place

so i figure that it wont be very eventfull and figure i wont need anyware near an ounce a epoxy so i didnt use my west systems epoxy

i grab my little tubes of epoxy and mix them up lather it on and leave it for the night

come back to day to find that it still hasn't dried!!! well i figure that is at lease 70 degs so thats not the cause. next thing i think of was that i mixed in correct amounts but figure that i never had a problem before

so i pick up one of the bottles of epoxy to read the instructions and quickly find that is says 5 MIN EPOXY!!!!! to i grab the other to find it says 30 MIN EPOXY!!!!!! OOOOO NOOOOOO

so now i have to clean the peices off and use 30 min again NOT 5 AND 30!!!!!!!!!!!

MAN THIS SUX i hope this doesn't hurt the strangth too much

make sure that you use the correct epoxys when mixing im living proff that late nights and not reading instructions= big problems
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