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Originally Posted by enderffx View Post
Hi all !

As i fried my KK2.0 board (different story), i was able to get a used KK board with unknown settings / firmware for cheap money to continue flying...

BUT i cannot even start:
I flashed "XCopter V4,7 KK by kapteinkuk" fimware and as i go through the steps of setting up everything i realize that M5 & M6 do nothing !

whatever i do , M5 & M6 stand still.
Its not the ESC or motors, when i connect motor 5,6 to 3,4 the spin up fine when doing the ESC calibration for example (set yaw to zero while startup).

Do i have a defctive board or is there some solvable magic involved ?!

Please help :-)

XCopter V4,7 KK by kapteinkuk is quad firmware so only uses m1 to m4.
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