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Originally Posted by Ed Couch
Question, will be bringing the 1905 Wright Flyer with me and fly if the wind is low, what time will the event be flown? Also, the aircraft was always catapulted into the air and did not use a normal takeoff role. Would a handlaunch in this case be allowed without deduction of points as mentioned above. Can use bungee and trolley but thats time consumming and serves no real purpose but to look cute. It will also fly off a hard surface but again thats not scale. Its about the flying.

The following thread details the Flyer in Question:

Respectfully Yours

Ed Couch
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Hello Ed,

That's a very impressive aircraft and I'll be looking forward to seeing it fly. I hope the winds are favorable on Saturday. The weatherman is calling for wind and rain - hope he's wrong. I understand that the scale contest will be run at the noon hour.

I'm making a small change to the rules to accommodate your concerns (some what). Here's the details of the changes and an explanation of the spirit of the rules.

Though the aircraft did not have wheels, it did use a method of ROG (catapulted into the air). Hand launching the plane would not be a scale representation of the 'complete' full scale flight. I would think that the scale method of launch would score quite high, considering it's uniqueness. The choice is yours, but to insure the highest possible flight score, the plane needs to be launched in it's original scale fashion. I would think that just using a bungee cord would score well, though what a show if it used a weighted tower and rail to launch.

In the past, if the plane was hand launched or was bungee launched, there was to be a mandatory 0 score for ground handling (5 points lost). Scoring for takeoff and climb out were not effected. Modified ROG takeoffs (ROG on skids, wheels, trolleys) would qualify for ground handling scores, though the final level of points awarded was up to the individual judges.

Many planes have in the past scored 0 points for the ground handling portion due to hand launching or bungee launching. I can't recall if any of them have ever won the contest, but I do know that several have scored quite high overall.

I think in addressing your concerns, it's prudent for us to change the '0' score policy for bungee launches and to allow some scoring potential when bungee are used. Though there will continue to be a '0' point score for hand launching. I'll modify the rules today to reflect these changes.

I can understand your concerns about your plane and the ground handling scoring. We've done our best to keep the field fair and level, staying true to the spirit of scale model building and flying. Was it the X1 that was belly launched from a B29? Gees, how would we address that scoring? One plane or two? Ground handling points? For both or one? It's hard to say what would be done at this time. But as this event evolves, it's clear that there will be rule challenges that will fine tune and shape it's future. Your situation brings to light some of those evolutionary changes. Several bungee launched jets are now going to benifit from these changes too.

I hope this answers your question and addresses your concerns. Let me know if I can help again.

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