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Originally Posted by abenn
I saw a picture of such an event in RCM&E last month (or was it the month before?). The scary thing was that, even though the pilot appears to have got the model to the ground in one piece, and someone was to hand with a fire extinguisher, the fire re-started after having been put out, and consumed the model completely. It seems to have been on a paved area, so no collateral damage was evident.

Post-mortem indicated that the flyer had abused his LiPos by overcharging them. But that and other stories have prompted me to steer clear of LiPos for the moment -- we fly over a corn field for most of the year in our club.

That said, if you abide by the manufacturer's recommendations re. charge and discharge rates, and make sure the cells suffer no physical damage, you might feel confident enough to use LiPos -- there's lots of satisfied users who haven't set the town alight!!
From your description of the events- most notably the fact that the attempts to use a fire extinguisher were unsuccessful, it appears that you might be referring to the LiPo fire at the Blackpool fly-in, as featured in RCM&E. If so, this model did not catch fire in the air but did so whilst the battery was being recharged in the model. There are pictures


the fire was attributed by those present to a pack that had been on charge for a long time, then "repeaked" for some reason. So if it's that one that you're referring to then it isn't really analogous to the query about catching fire in flight.

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