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Greek GP! HAHA!

I was fixing my bike this afternoon (details on the other thread) and was thinking about this too, Shaun... a race in Greece or somewhere else... I wished to go to Bologna in 2 weeks, but right now I cannot afford it, so it will stay a dream. However, I also asked myself how ready I am to race without problems, hassle and frustration of lost periods of racing...

I mean, everytime I take the bike out to run it, alone, on an EMPTY vast parking lot, there will always be some shunt, spill, end-over-end, you name it, with the bike usually in need of something... So, even though I consistently run the bike at least once a week, I always pack it up with some kind of damage that cannot be fixed on the spot... Usually, I will have ran the bike through 2 batteries max, which means 5+5 minutes on my little 1300s...

Maybe I need more practice?!
Maybe my bike is a Shelf Queen?!

No matter what, I still am not sure I would be able to race my bike with any success ... ops... don't get misled here... By success I mean success to finish ANY 5 minute race session!

And on top of that, I keep adding valuable stuff on the bike, like CF plates, Pat's brakes and so on!

I tell you... this bike is a total Shelf Queen, despite the scratches and battlescars!!!

In the end, however, I do enjoy more taking out the bike and run a battery or (luckily) two from time to time, than taking any 4-wheel r/c model out to run!

I am a biker, after all!

Cheers everyone!
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