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Just got my meter!

Thanks Wayne, just got the Hi-Res ESR in the mail. Been looking through these pages looking for some general numbers for hi capacity pack like mine, but don't see anything. I've been using a lot of HK Nanotech batteries but have heard a lot of bad things about them lol! I'm always trying to push the pack as much as I can as these are used for mapping projects. I've got about 10 of these 8ah6s Nanotoech in service right now, range from 2 years old the new within a couple of months.

Oldest packs 19.3 milliohms total and 2.66 milliohm per cell
Newest packs 13.5 milliohms total and 1.63 milliohms per cell

So at the recommended 6W of internal dissipation and the following formula:

Max Amps = square root of 6W X 8ah over .0135ohms

That gives me 59.63 max amp draw working out to 7.45C! That's nowhere near 25C. Are these just really bad packs or is this the norm coming from the marketing departments? Even removing the IR of the EC5 connector I only get 8.75C.
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