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Which would be a better first EDF, He-162 or A-10?

I have been drooling over the EDF's on this site and others for quite some time, and I finaly have got the money together to buy my first EDF plane.

So I have narrowed it down to two choices:

either the Hobby Lobby He-162

or the GWS A-10 w EDF 55 motor.
(need I post a link..... Nah..)

I have two considerations that I must have in an plane: First, it must be able to ROG (roll on ground). The club I fly at does not have any grass around it, so everthing has to take off and land off of a rather rough old-dirt runway.

Second: I fly at 4,000 feet of elevation. If it is too underpowered to ROG at sea level, it surly will not up here.

I am a farily new pilot (about 3 months under my belt) and so far I have about two hours on my Dandy sport without even breaking a prop (knock on wood). So I am trying to choose an EDF that flys fairly slow.

So for my situation, which plane would you recommend.

BTW, if you have any other plane to recommend, I am open to suggestions. I just took a look around, and these two plane seem to fill the bill.
Thanks in advance,
C. Alan
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