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man I just got a rs4 rtr 3 about a month ago used and I had the same problem I tryed the book and I couldn't get it tuned so I took it to my local hobbie store and they tald me that it wasn't getting enoufe air so he turned the needle valve to closed and then turned it 4 turns man it started write up and was running sweet , I drove it and had some problems and now im back to the needle problem and I have to replace he carb because the needle has problems staying in the write spot one big mess . so I will say don't go buy the book try turning it off then 4 turns start it but dont flood it check the fuel line ,and airline for cracks ,bubbles,or proper hook up then start it it should run sweet if not trust me take it to the hobbie shop and have them teach you I LEARNED THE HARD WAY BUT THERES NORE TO MY STORY. also make sure that all your batterys are good ,and that all yourthrottle linkage is set up properly as well also make sure that the carb is 1mm at the nutral setting ,open at full throttle,and back to 1mm at full brakealso make sure theres no brake drag and its 1mm as well always try with engine off ,also check to see if air cleaneris clean and oiled properly as well .If its running good it should always emit smoke at full throttle if there is no smoke the engine is set to lean , and could be esaly damaged .also during break-in, its normal for fuel to spit out of the exhaust pipe.. If you need to know more let me know later but you should be good to go so have fun and don't let the car get away frm you about 45 out of the box.
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