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Originally Posted by xStatiCa View Post
I read somewhere (can't find the thread) that some manufactures use chemistry in the packs so that they can take more current but the mixture they use is not as good at lower currents as other manufactures. That makes no sense to me because at lower currents you are not using very much current so it doesn't need much from the battery. Does that makes sense to anyone? Only reason I bring it up because if true that might affect the readings? Only thing I can think of is maybe some batteries have bad IR readings at low current tests but at high currents the IR is very good. I am aware that lipo batteries in general do have better IR when they warm up but maybe some do this a lot more than others because of the mixture?
From what Wayne Giles has told me a few times, some LiPos seem to be constructed to have a better "heat coefficient" where they can tolerate, or are purposely designed to withsdand higher discharge when warm than another battery warmed to the same temp - or something to that affect.

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