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Let me rephrase my long-winded questions from the above post;

First though, Iíll preface by stating that Iím ďanalĒ when it comes to the care and handling of my LiPos Ė I always balance charge, I never store fully charged, I discharge to no lower than 20% (usually only 30% - 40% actually), I charge only the evening before or usually the morning that I fly, I never expose my LiPos to excess heat (such as leaving in my car during the day), etc., etc.

In-flight, Iím using 5S 1800mAh 65C batteries (comprised of a 2S + 3S pack connected in series with 4mm bullet connectors) and subjecting them to only about 50A discharge (only like 30C!) for about 70 seconds taking out only around 1100mAh.

Given my handling practices and what I thought relatively mild loads, I thought my batteries had a pretty easy life, so Iím surprised when Iím coming up with IR numbers around 11 Ė 12 Ohms/cell and resulting FOM figures around .5 and max discharge current of only around 30A.

Are my batteries not as good as I thought and Iím abusing them (based on the IR numbers and FOM figures)? Are they simply degrading (building internal resistance) due to normal use and cycles, or are my batteries fine and is there something Iím missing?

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