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A New Guy in the fleet

Hey Guys, I have another addition to the fleet!.
While I was flying spiderman a pal said " hey, when he's right overhead he looks like a skydiver". That got me thinking so I'm calling the latest---- Sky-Diver!!!

I wanted to try and do a full head flyguy so I could realistically fit a mask to him. I built the lower head with a .8mm ply core for strength and then glued some scrap blue foam to either side and shaped it with a scalpel and sandpaper. The mask is just a piece of Alu litho plate bent round into an oval and pushed into the foam. The top of the head was made from laminations of Depron hollowed out for the Lipo

I wanted to try and give him some divers fins but I was unsure how this would affect stability etc. Taking a flyguy who i knew flew well -Spiderman- I taped two pieces of depron to his toes and tried it. Hey, it worked, the depron just flapped up and down in the breeze and he flew fine.

I reshaped the foot to look like a divers by cutting off the toes and replacing them with clear acetate to replace the lost side area. I think it looks quite convincing.

The air tank is just a cruciform of depron and looks like a tank when its in the air. The air hoses are rubber tube for diesel fuel.

AUW is 242 grams about 10 grams heavier than spidey

I painted only the top of the hands and fins green , this helps with orientation.

And he flew.... just fine until the lousy cheap esc gave up. Soon as I get a replacement I'll get someone to video it.

What a blast!!!!!! looks really spooky in the air
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