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Originally Posted by Flyboy152 View Post
I don't understand the "rolleyes;" not very friendly. I thought I was asking a perfectly legititmate question and a simple "yes" or "no" answer would have been better than a rude and patronising one. I am not very tech savvy, most of this stuff passes right over me and I appreciate it when people are polite, courteous and respectful.

I was more inetersted in adjusting the time date stamp and if there was any new firmware that had been developed for it and whether it needs to be updated or not; I guess I was wrong.
I'm sorry if you misunderstood the smiley. There was certainly no insult implied. Smileys aren't intended to insult people anyway.

Nowhere in this entire thread has there ever been any mention of a configuration method for the #11, hence the sarcasm - which applies equally (more) to the developer, who never deemed it necessary to support #11 users once he "renamed" his camera #18 (for the developer!).

Click here and you'll notice there are different firmware files for the #11 - but note that some have bugs. The #11 has never ever had a configuration file of any sort.

If all you want to do is accurately set the date and time then you have two choices:
A simple version
A more complex version

The two time setting programs also work perfectly for the #18.

If you are not 'very tech savvy', as you put it, are you sure you have a #11 and not a #18? There is enormous confusion here, but I believe all new #11s are, indeed, #18s. If you have an original #11, consider yourself lucky. The #18 firmware, although configurable to a certain extent, has never been reliable .
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