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Originally Posted by Ospreyman View Post
You are dead right Otto, Head plants are all too common in the early stages. But Glue 'em back together and fly 'em again.

Just thought I would update you guys on what I have been doing lately with Flyguys.
First I built the Flyguy 62" v1 from plans. Then I redrew the 31" and came up with Wonder-woman followed swiftly by Batman, Rocketeer and Spidey.

You will notice I have taken a bit of a liberty with the 31" models . I have given them all all-moving legs. I must admit they are are far more maneuverable than the 62, able to do vertical twinkle rolls, tight loops and almost hovering. There is a lot more control surface in the prop wash with this adaptation and they are ROCKING. Batman had the servos mounted on top of the body plate just behind the prop. The others have the servos mounted below the body plate.

No vid yet as I fly alone quite a lot but soon hopefully
Have you seen the german variant (Flyman?) with legs that bed at the knee? He has some overlaps so you don't see a gap when the legs bend. Think it's the one with the prop on the top of the head too if that helps.
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