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Comatose, Thanks for the Info....I check the website for the manufacturer of the Dc-Dc converter before using it, 1st I saw it, it did'nt make sense for 12 input and 12 output....I never thought its Isolated, after checking the Website, I just realize there lots of application, you can even connect it in parallel to increase its current....I have also bought a 12 in to 5 volts out, there also an trim input, that you can lower the voltage, I was able to trim the 5 volts out into 1 to 2 volts, by just adding a single Potentiometer, and use this to power the GLOW IGNITER....I was thinking of using the 12/12 converter to make a charger, to charge my RC starter battery from my car battery, use the dc/dc to produce 24 volts and using a LM317 linear regulator to drop it to 13.8 volts to charge the battery.....or using 12 volts and 5 volts (trim to 1.8 volts) connected in series to produce 13.8 volts......brand of DC/DC module is VICOR, I know this really an expensive module, it so happen I just got it cheap.

for you who plan to use it at home, Just use a regular transformer with diode and capacitor, in place of a dc-dc converter, I guess it simple to contruct.

I was able to get an HP laboratory Power supply with a 4 digits mechanical thumb dial from 0.000 to 19.999 volts and an adjustable current 0 to 1 amps, I guess it more than 30 years old, but it works I use it to charge my Lithium-Ion battery just set it to 4.20 volts per so cheap got it for only 20 dollar.....its a big power supply size of a shoe box, using discrete component, I guess this whole power supply, Is equivelent to a single LM317...the 4 Digits Mechanical switch is just a series of Precision resistor connected in series.

Guys sometimes its cheaper just buy one than making one, suggest visit you suplus shop.
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