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We have a similar cost difference for the matte finish here as well. If I find myself with excess cash burning a hole in my pocket (yeah, right) I may pick up a roll of it takes paint fabulously well!

As far as sharing it, I had a similar idea, but another e zoner, tiberius, told me he'd tried this and trying to measure, cut, and re-roll segments of the big roll were a chore he'd not care to repeat again in his lifetime! Being lazy, I take this advice to heart As thin as the stuff is, I imagine that as you say it wouldn't be all that big...I'll probably end up putting a roller mount for it down cellar and cutting it off as I need it. Which reminds me:


Where the hell would I keep a 500 foot roll!
No problem. I'll get the big roll, store it myself, and trade you a manageable 50 feet or so for a pair of those Hungerford wheels whenever you want. Heh heh heh...
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