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Build Log
RC Broom Flyer Wizard Witch

The Broom Flyer Witch

I wanted to build a full size Witch since I built my mini Witch last Halloween (2012).

This build log is of my second Broom Flyer build, a Witch. It differs from the first build incorporating improvements from lessons learned and cannot be shipped in three FedEx boxes as the original.

This is a difficult build and should not be attempted by a newcomer to the hobby. There is a lot of wood work involved. You may want to find a friend with superior build skills if you are a newcomer.

The Broom Flyer has a low wing loading (6 oz per sqft) and is a gentle flyer. Anybody that can fly a trainer can fly this craft. It has a basic rudder and elevator control setup and will turn on a dime. Stalls are gentle and you can almost hover in a deep stall. Landing speed is quite slow and with a little headwind you can land with zero ground speed.

The negative of this design is the landing undercarriage. I did not want to erode the illusion so I put the main landing gear/wheels inside the knees. They are not spread apart, so he/she always tips over after landing. This has not caused any damage to date. What is an issue is the rotation caused by the knees when they touch down. The rotation causes the broom stick to rotate downward at a high angular rate and has cracked some Depron. To solve this issue, I added a removable nose skid on the original and a retractable skid on the second build.

PDF drawings for each part are provided in the second post along with a bill of materials. Cutouts of the Depron components are available from

I recommend you read through the whole build log before committing yourself to this project. Please ask questions to help improve the build log.

Happy haunting and flying, Otto

Witch flown with Full Moon
RC Flying Witch with Full Moon Rising by Otto Dieffenbach (0 min 54 sec)

Witch flown in 20 mph gusts.
RC Broom Flyer Witch for Halloween by Otto Dieffenbach (0 min 30 sec)

Wizard during development
RC Broom Flyer Wizard Returns by Otto Dieffenbach (0 min 55 sec)
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