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Justin Mahn
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Re: WHAT? Happened in ?

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>> The_Atomic_punk wrote:
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>> >> kenji wrote:
>> >>> In article <> ,
>> >>> (The_Atomic_punk) wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>>> Thanks to the people who liked it and
>> >>>> respected the hobby instead of calling me a liar.
>> >>>
>> >>> No one is calling you a liar. We said you're bullshitting us.
>> >>>
>> >>> On 2004-08-22 00:08:50 PST you typed:
>> >>>
>> >>> "My personal best speed was 114 mph yes 114 mph(i have video
>> >>> confirmation and am currently in correspondence with Guiness about
>> >>> the feat)"
>> >>>
>> >>> We replied: bullshit, prove it.
>> >>>
>> >>> You haven't proved it, and you haven't mentioned that maybe you
>> >>> made a mistake in how fast it goes. So we're going along with the
>> >>> idea that you are in fact bullshitting us.
>> >>>
>> >>> Did I mention I can lift 500lbs?
>> >>
>> >> Amen Brother!
>> >>
>> >> Stretch the truth about how many beers you drank, what woman you
>> >> scored with or what ever. But never run your mouth about racing or
>> >> top speed! You will be proven wrong in the end.
>> >>
>> >> Shannon
>> >
>> > And one more thing you cant understand that i did prove it
>> > mathmatically and you just cant deal with that can you? Instead you
>> > resort to insults like the child you probably really are?

>> What happened to the end of transmission?
>> I am not jelous of anything you have or have not done. I just am
>> interested
>> in this hobby and when someone makes a outlandish claim such as this, I,
>> like others, want proof not the word of Joe Blow.
>> You have no tangable proof that this has ever happened other than some
>> video
>> you claim to have. I am sure that a person of your stature knows someone
>> with a capture card or could come up with a few $$ for the local Kinkos
>> to
>> do it for you. Put this out for others to see. Or is there nothing to
>> see?
>> And besides you can prove anything mathmatically, but that still doesn't
>> show the world that it has actually been done. Time travel is possible
>> mathmatically, but it has not been achieved.
>> What about this supposed contact with Guinness? What ever came of that?
>> Did they issue you anything? Did they tell you to get lost? What about
>> NRCDA or IEDA? Do they have you in any of their record books? In other
>> words, show some proof of this achievement. I bet you know someone with
>> a
>> scanner that could scan any documentation from a sanctioned body. Let's
>> see
>> some real statistical data from a real organization, not some adding
>> machine
>> tape in your basement.
>> And again, everyone has said you are full of crap. If you don't like it,
>> prove it wrong. Otherwise don't be so thin skinned.
>> I bet you and the guy with the 120mph electric car that has never run
>> would
>> get along just fine. Or are you the same person?
>> Shannon

> No i am not the 120 guy. Ok i see your point. I will see about
> translating my video into a mpeg or avi or something.But it might be a
> while i really dont know of anyone off hand with that capability.And
> like i said i have no money for anything like that in my budget.(i am
> between jobs)
> Also maybe i went to far about the guiness thing. I sent them a email
> with a link to my webpage and told them about the video,but i never
> got a responce back from them either way so? To be honest i dont think
> 114 is really that hard of a speed to reach.(thats just my opinion)RC
> vehicles are in no way rocket science.

They can be! Besides, you don't have to be in rocket science to encounter
real world wind drag and friction.

Justin Mahn
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