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Re: WHAT? Happened in ?

kenji wrote:
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> (The_Atomic_punk) wrote:
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>> news:<px9_c.16756$ .com>...
>>> kenji wrote:
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>>>> (The_Atomic_punk) wrote:
>>>>> Thanks to the people who liked it and
>>>>> respected the hobby instead of calling me a liar.
>>>> No one is calling you a liar. We said you're bullshitting us.
>>>> On 2004-08-22 00:08:50 PST you typed:
>>>> "My personal best speed was 114 mph yes 114 mph(i have video
>>>> confirmation and am currently in correspondence with Guiness about
>>>> the feat)"
>>>> We replied: bullshit, prove it.
>>>> You haven't proved it, and you haven't mentioned that maybe you
>>>> made a mistake in how fast it goes. So we're going along with the
>>>> idea that you are in fact bullshitting us.
>>>> Did I mention I can lift 500lbs?
>>> Amen Brother!
>>> Stretch the truth about how many beers you drank, what woman you
>>> scored with
>>> or what ever. But never run your mouth about racing or top speed!
>>> You will
>>> be proven wrong in the end.
>>> Shannon

>> And one more thing you cant understand that i did prove it
>> mathmatically and you just cant deal with that can you? Instead you
>> resort to insults like the child you probably really are?

> You don't use a mathematical formula to "prove" miles per hour of an
> RC vehicle. MPH is a ratio of a physical object in travel.
> you're a wacko.

kenji - OOOHHH how i agree with the above statement. Someone left the keys
to the asylum lying about again.