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Originally Posted by evvaldis View Post
Hi all.
I had insanely busy summer... That is why I had no time to be here. Autumn will be less busy. I know it is my fault, therefore no hard feeling from my side, you can migrate to other thread if you want.
Not sure 100% about future of this thread, one of the solutions is to close it.
Another to leave thread for my research purposes(new features, experiments, etc).
Here's my issue, we've significantly fixed some of the timing and other issues in the current code base (all in an experimental branch on the github repo, all buildable with the full compiler and a makefile). We've added the usb VCP to this branch and am working on the usb bootloader.

If we keep this thread open for experimental efforts, and they are all based on the old code, it will be impossible to merge them into the new code.

Personally, I think you need to close this thread, and move over to the updated code, build environment, etc. I really don't want to have to compare your changes on the old code to the new and then try to determine what to add into the new current code...

In parallel with all the fixes to the original code (dead band was really a problem btw), we are working on a new complete restructure, when that is ready it will also be off the github repo. Hope to include a complete attitude estimator engine based upon

So it's really your choice.... move to the updated code so we can easily track your change, get up to date on git so you can do pull requests against the main repo, or not...

Sorry for your time challenges, as you might imagine the population of users got tired of old stale information and so I moved the valuable parts over to a thread that I could better update and maintain...

Let us know which way you are going to go with this approach however. I'll help in anyway to get you moved over to the new build environment. Now you don't need to install and deal with eclipse, you can do it all from a make file. (we've not documented that process yet, but will as we did the cygwin or not eclipse build environments).

And the latest and greatest code is here -
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