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Re: WHAT? Happened in ?

kenji wrote:
> In article <> ,
> (The_Atomic_punk) wrote:
>> Thanks to the people who liked it and
>> respected the hobby instead of calling me a liar.

> No one is calling you a liar. We said you're bullshitting us.
> On 2004-08-22 00:08:50 PST you typed:
> "My personal best speed was 114 mph yes 114 mph(i have video
> confirmation and am currently in correspondence with Guiness about the
> feat)"
> We replied: bullshit, prove it.
> You haven't proved it, and you haven't mentioned that maybe you made a
> mistake in how fast it goes. So we're going along with the idea that
> you are in fact bullshitting us.
> Did I mention I can lift 500lbs?

Amen Brother!

Stretch the truth about how many beers you drank, what woman you scored with
or what ever. But never run your mouth about racing or top speed! You will
be proven wrong in the end.