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1.2 Board from GLB

I am a little confused with this entire thread. There are a lot of people posting a lot of things. Here are my questions.

1- What version firmware should I be loading on a 1.2 board?
2- Do i need to install the SM resistors across the fet legs? If so, what is the correct value?
3-To change settings while 2s-3s is connected i only use the tx rx and gnd pins on uart4?
4-What value is pot for autopan. I see 1-100k, does that mean any linear pot rated from 1k to 100k? or is the sweep value 100k at may and 1k at lowest only?

I am sorry if some if this is repeated, I just dont know who to trust. Also when posting instructions for flashing the pcbs, dont say "select hex file".. i should actually tell you which file to use.

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