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Originally Posted by changosurf View Post
Back before HK started selling their own kk board versions, I actually had a pcb made using the smd schematic available on the kkmulticopter site. The project was side-tracked and i never got around to acquiring all of the components and building the board myself from scratch. Obviously, now you can just buy the board from HK for around $20-$30, but I still have this perfectly good kkboard pcb that ideally id like to put to use. I think the biggest problem now is that the murata gyros are difficult to get and purchasing 3 gyros would probably cost almost as much as just buying the board from HK.

So, my question(s):
is it still feasible to build the kkboard and have it match or beat the cost of getting it from hobbyking? Or is this simply not an option anymore? Is my blank kkboard pcb worthless? Can another gyro chip be used as a near drop-in-place replacement?
(I wouldn't mind altering the kkboard code as long as I could actually get an electronically functional board using alternative gyro chips)
To the complete KK board in my avatar that i build from scratch only the components (excluding the gyros) bought individual cost more then only one KK board from HK. Even the murata gyros would cost more then the complete pcb from them.

So to get cheap murata gyros i simply bought the kk board from HK since it was actually the cheapest alternative to get 3 gyros and i bought rest of the components from internet but only those components cost more then HK KK board.

To get a board made cheaper then HK you have make your board in the 10000 or probably even more to get component and pcb manufacturer cost down to HK levels and it will still be very difficult.
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