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With regard to stator thickness, I have a rather big motor that I want to make. Posted a pic of stators some time back in part 1 of this thread. Its stator blades are 0.5mm thick.
I have also had some blades made for me that are 0.2mm thick … which is thin.
My problem though is to insulate them.. which leads to my thinking .. the thinner the stator blade, the more insulating material is being formed in stator stack which I suspect is not good. How you going to insulate yours? I see you gave a hint to say you have that sorted out?

Eljimbo posted

Brian, the reference to grand poobah means Ron Van the moderator of this thread. Your work and drawings are magnificent. Thanks for your hard work.
Have you visited the Yahoo groups LRK site? I found this there.
Fisrtly, with what’s being going on, I was starting to give up. I am glad we now sorted this lot out.

As for the Yahoo groups LRK group, I did sign up with them quite a while back and followed all the emails. I even dug into the files/download section looking for the information I was trying to sort out here. Never found anything good. Will get to your pic shortly though.

There is a lack of clear information regarding the (Y) hookup. I have seen dozens of drawings of "Delta" all over the web . None showing (Y).
Exactly what I trying to say all along. The only reference to a star hookup is in the distributed winding that Ron has posted from time to time. When I posted my first enquiry into the Stare/Wye, I had not noted that diagram. It could have saved me a lot of time.

What I would find interesting is… how many people have hooked up a Star wind for LRK incorrectly and don’t even know it. The motor will run, but it will work better when connected properly.

As for diagram posted, I find it difficult to follow. The list of right hand side does not tie up properly with stat or delta connection. If however, I draw a delta diagram and assign numbers in the linking order as per the table at bottom for delta …. then change wiring for star, it can work out correctly. I would like to see a proper diagram though. The pic alone is far too confusing for anybody building a first LRK motor.

As for doing a drawing for a proper Star/Wye hookup … I can do that.


Your post 577 looks like the delta distributed wind.

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