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Re: WHAT? Happened in ?

>Subject: Re: WHAT? Happened in ?
>From: (The_Atomic_punk)

> No BS!

Then you should be able to prove it.
You said you were in Correspondence with the Guiness Book of Records. (LMFAO)
Do you think THEY are going to take your WORD on it?
THEY are famous for saying.... "BullShit, Prove It"

>Obviously you are ignorant to gearing ratio's and simple

I didn't realize I had to posess MATH skills to watch your video.
(You DO have a video don't you?)

>And probably did not read my gearing ratio and setup along with
>tire diameter and rpm range.

AAAHHhhh, Now I get it.
You sat down with your calculater, and crunched a bunch of numbers, using your
gear ratio, tire diameter, and the "advertised" rpm claims on your engine.
Well sir... you can crunch numbers all day long and your CALCULATOR will NOT
make that RC car go 114 mph.
NOR by the way, will that cheezy Traxxas engine that is over two years
The new TRX 2.5 has almost twice the HP of your TRX Pro.
(I wouldn't beleive you acheived 114mph with one of those either.)
But hey bud, What I think is really unimportant.
You said you did it.
You said you have proof.
You said you contacted the Guiness people.
All I'm asking for... is the same thing the Guiness people will be asking
for.... PROOF.
So post a BELEIVABLE video, (with an unbiased onlooker) or shut up.
Trust me, the Guiness people will have much stricter criteria for proving your
Videos can be fixed to show anything you want.
Heck, I don't live far, call me in as a witness.
IF you acheive 114mph with that dragster (as pictured).........
I will humbly apologize, and post the results here myself.
Additionally, I will VIDEO the event DIGITALLY, and make the video available to
any who may be interested.

>The dragster in this link are setup for
>scale 1/4 mile and they are up to 77+ mph and thats 132 feet.I am
>close to 200 feet before i even hit 100 mph.

Yes I saw that.
I have been to many an RC Drag event.
Let me tell you, at 132 feet, those little engines (way more powerful than
yours) are at their virtual peak.
YOU are claiming that yours got an extra 37 mph over them.
I ask again.......
Proove it.