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Model Boat Rescue Device

Hi guys,
Hope you dont mind me intruding on your conversation, but I thought this device I made up for someone might be useful and relevent to your discussion ??
It's simply made up of scrap materials found in most garages/workshops. I used water pipe insulation for the floatation on mine ((The type with the split in that folds round water pipes)).
Its extremely simple to use, when a boat needs rescuing, you enlist the help of another model ((Im assuming here that there usually IS another model on the water at the same time here ie a friend !!!))
The device floats on the surface and the second model simply drives into it and moves it forward. You then "catch" the model requiring rescuing, in the other side and sail it back to shore.
Hey presto - one saved model.
We have used this device for many years at my local model boat club and it works everytime believe me !!
Hope this is of use guys,
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